With Soybean and Rosemary OIl


Specially formulated to penetrate the hair shaft in order to effectively restore moisture to dry, brittle and damaged hair through a blend of Avocado Oil and Shea Butter 


Shea & Avo Restorative Deep Conditioner

  • Soybean Oil

    • Very effective in increasing the hair's ability to retain moisture.
    • This carrier oil is full of good fatty acids, manganese, and vitamins.
    • In addition, the lipids in this oil helps hair treatments to absorb better into your hair
    • Highly effectively for hair growth and treatments
    • Provides nourishment and strength to your hair while helping to maintain its natural moisture balance and adding softness and shine.

    Rosemary Essential Oil

    • Can counter hair loss by stimulating blood circulation in the scalp, which, in turn, promotes hair growth.
    • It is high in nutritional value and anti-inflammatory properties making it an excellent ingredient for nourishing the hair follicles and soothing the scalp