True Curls is the brain child of sisters Kedi  and Keke. After years of struggling with over processed hair, burns and the pains of chemically processing our hair, my sister and I (well, actually my sister first because even I was hesitant to take the leap) decided to go natural.


You’d assume that we would know how to maintain the hair that grew out of our very heads… but well, no, we didn’t.  We tried so many local products and found that they left our hair shiny but dry, dead and really unfriendly.

With the limited availability of products for natural hair (by natural, I mean hair that isn’t dreadlocked. Just the good ol’ afro) we had to come up with a plan, something that would leave our hair soft, manageable and still chemical free. There had to be a better way.

So we went back to basics and researched the hair, the chemicals, what our hair like etc. After months of researching, testing and retesting we finally had something we were proud of and something that had amazing results for us.

And True Curls was born – a way to love your truest curl – a natural love affair.


We hope that with our products, you will also fall in love with your natural hair; that you will see what our natural hair can do and how eager it is to please!!


Experiment with our products, try out new, daring and different hair styles.... Just have fun with it