Have questions about True Curls products and "Going Natural"..? Well here are some commonly asked questions which will help 

I'm new here. Where do I start?

So here you are. What do you do next? Which products should you use? And, which product is going to give you the best results and really quick? 

The answer is simply - ALL OF THEM because every one of these products were put together because a) we hated products that promised to do something and rarely ever did, so we clearly didn't want to become one of those and, b) we actually use our own products, so we also want something that works. Besides, how do I convince you to use these products when our hair is dry and crackling?  With that said though, we understand that buying everything all at once isn't necessarily easy for everyone, all the time. So what are your options: 

  • First choice is always for you to select the Super Hydration Set which has our top selling products. They work very well together and increase your hair's softness and ability to retain moisture whilst also repairing it from the inside out and strengthening it too. Together the Moisture Boost Daily Spritz and the Intense Moisture Cream can dramatically improve the look and feel of your hair. For best results, remember to always Spritz first, massage it in from root to tip, then apply the cream also from root to tip. Say goodbye to crazy breakage and dry crackling, angry hair. 

  • Outside of this set, feel free to buy each of our indiviual products as and when you need them... 

Hair Typing...What the big deal?

Yeah, so what's the big deal? Does it mean anything at all? Simply put, it describes how your strands curl, coil and twist and your hair's density. True Curls' products are geared specifically towards Type 4B and C hair (fyi: you can have multiple types all over your head).

Why type 4 B&C specifically? Because we get it. It's what grows out of our heads, our daughters' heads, most of our circle actually. So we understand the struggle, the joy, the frustrations and the amazing-ness of it. Even with this in mind, we still encourage ALL hair types to try us out because our products are good for your hair and as usual, same rules apply: Listen to your hair. If you don't need to apply the cream or spritz daily, then don't. Your hair knows what it likes, so listen carefully.

As always, just remember that your hair, my hair, all our hair is different and equally beautiful. Its all about building a relationship with your hair, learning to understand what works for it and loving what you've got

It's Natural butter after all...

So maybe you're wondering "why doesn't my cream look and feel like the ones I'd get at the local store - all smooth and jelly-like ALL YEAR ROUND", "why is it hard in winter and softer in summer?"... well, its because its a natural product with natural butters and oils and yes, we could give you that glossy look and feel but until we can figure out how to do that without adding some of the big baddies, we'll stick to giving you the best product mother nature can give :) 

Can I transition while using TC products?

Yes you can!! Not all of us are brave enough to just do the Big Chop!! So there's an alternative...Transitioning! Its pretty simple, you follow the same Easy Peasy Hair Routine and make sure to deep condition every second week to strengthen your hair. Just remember to be extra gentle with your strands especially where the new growth meets the processed hair - that's super fragile

My little angel is 2 years old and has unmanageable hair. Which products should I use for her?

We have a kiddies range which is suitable for children 18 months and older. It is gentle but very effective made using only the best butters, oils and essential oils for baby's sensitive and developing skin.