With Watercress and Thyme Extract

Specially formulated to moisturize and soften dry, crunchy hair. Remember that to ensure long-term softness, the moisture needs to be sealed in.

For the best results, use with the Intense Moisture Cream or the Curl Defining Pudding which both act as sealants.

Moisture Boost Daily Spritz

  • Watercress Extract

    • Treasure trove of various minerals as well as vitamins
    • Powerful purifier
    • Can help in keeping your scalp healthy and clean
    • Effective in keeping bacterial infections affecting the scalp and hair away
    • It also helps in keeping the scalp moisturized and conditioned, preventing dry scalp triggered dandruff and flakiness
    • Vitamin A present in watercress offers the nutrients essential for a prolific hair growth


    Thyme Extract

    • Delivers powerful nutrients to hair follicles that are necessary for healthy hair growth
    • Improves blood circulation to the scalp which encourages growth
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