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Weeks later and I'm still breathing

It's been almost 2 months since I cut my hair. Honestly, it's been an adjustment but considerably easier than the first time I cut my hair 6 years ago. Being well informed on what my hair needs and how to treat it has made the focus more about getting used to my reflection with short hair than figuring out how to take care of it.

Here are a few things I have learnt in the last 2 months;

1. I have way more gray hair than I'd ever imagined and it's freaking random all over my head - not a glorious sprouting of grays but more like confused random invasion. As you can imagine, I am not impressed. My mom thought it was so bizarre, she told me to immediately color that thing. LOL.

2. When you pick red dye to colour your hair, the whites turn pink while the black hair becomes burgundy, but I'll take that.

3. Hair typing is, in my opinion, really overrated. Just on my head are several types of hair that, no matter how hard I try to make it curly, remains absolutely straight, to coils and naturally clumping curls. It's more important to me that I focus on keeping my hair healthy, soft and rich. Knowing my hair type according to the descriptions out there does not mean it will suddenly become easier to manage. It's a language we all have to learn on our own - there is no short cut, but once you learn it, your hair will SING.

4. Because I have shorter hair now, I tend to find myself massaging my head and running my fingers through my hair and I haven't had any scabs since. I can't say with 100% certainty that the massaging has helped with decreasing or stopping my scabs but this is the only thing that's significantly different about my habits/routine. When my hair was longer, I barely touched it between weekly washes, as long as it was soft, I just didn't mess with it and kept it tied up somehow. Anyway, this is all just theory right now.

So what's my routine?

I keep it pretty basic - I'm still a lazy natural. I alternate between using the shampoo and the clay smoothie to cleanse my hair. Condition every single time. Then I wait for my hair to be 60-80% dry and then spray like crazy and finish off with the moisture cream. I'll spray and cream again every 48hrs until wash day. Combing it is still a no-no.

I haven't done a length check at present only because I really don't want to focus on the growth but rather on the journey and falling in love with my short hair. The length will come so I don't need to focus on it. Just focusing on the now.

Until next time: Wear it loud and Proud!!

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