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Why I did my second Big Chop.

Day 1 of my Big Chop. Wow! It's done and everyone, and I mean everyone, thought I wouldn't go through with it. Technically I can't blame them for their lack of faith especially after how emotional I was after my first big chop 6 years ago. I was a proper mess...wanting to cover my hair daily before I went to work and then realising that I had no idea how to do a head-wrap. Then I'd call Keke and freak out (I mean the teary kind of freak out) and lose my mind,. And this went on for months, LMAO!! But I'm grown now! I'm a big girl! LOL - Only took me 6 years!

To be honest, it wasn't much of a choice: with 2020 starting off like a train wreck, my stress levels have been through the roof, which means scalp eczema flare-ups which show up as scabs all over my scalp. Before we developed the True Curls range, I'd itch to the point of bleeding. It was insane; and now I just have scabs left - less painful but definitely still annoying. They lift like scabs tend to do, and look like dandruff through my afro (where's a face slap emoji when you need one?).

I'm optimistic and confident that this time will be different. Now I have the products I trust. First time around, True Curls wasn't even a distant dream so I was trying a lot of the stuff out there and they were bad, like go to the bathroom several times a day to get your hair wet and "softish" - bad. This time, I know better, so I'll undoubtedly do better and one very big thing: I know that black hair grows, it's like a plant and if I feed it right and love it and water it, I can't fail.

So forward and onward, let's do this again and try rescue my scalp in the process and hopefully this could also bring a new spin to 2020.

Stay Safe.

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